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FREEFIT Bodyweight Trainer & CRUSH5 DAILY™ Full Body Workout Video
Best home workout with no equipment

FREEFIT Bodyweight Trainer & CRUSH5 DAILY™ Full Body Workout Video

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Stop being confused about what to do when, where, why, how much and how long and just get fitter, stronger, leaner, more confident on-the-daily doing what works.

I'll show you how to create your own ultra personalized 3 to 30 min workouts at home to level up your life through powerful daily fitness routine that get fit done.


🔒 (1) The FREEFIT Bodyweight Trainer - an 🇺🇸American made, commercial-grade beast of a body transformer that gets you fit. Everywhere. It's the most versatile and powerful fitness gear on the planet.

🔒 (2) CRUSH5 Daily! Full Body Workout Video - The fitness solution that changes you. Designed for you to succeed and adjust workouts on-the-fly to quickly achieve your desired results without gyms, personal trainers or diet and supplement hucksters. Learn to train yourself fast. And succeed.

🔒 (3) 30 Min. Video or Audio call - Learn from a 2-sport Olympic trained athlete the fastest and simplest way to get fit, lose fat, tone up, build muscle, move better, feel better and have more energy to live your best and put it on auto-pilot for life.

Pssst, hey, sitting in front of a monitor mindlessly roaming the internet does nothing to improve your life - stop wasting it! FREEFIT gets you up and moving, living your best every day. Get after it now!


Get Fit And Perform Life Better!

- Johnny