Building a strong back with this low row back exercise has crazy good benefits. You'll keep fit, burn calories, hold great posture like a statue, increase your mobility and strengthen your core. And having that muscular v-shape doesn't hurt either, all so you can pull your hunny close on long cold winter nights and pick up dropped car keys like a hero.
Plus, you'll be inverted, like Mav, so there's that.



And like all things FREEFIT they're mega simple, versatile and powerful. Just a quick adjustment of your feet makes them easier for beginners or harder for the buff.
The photos below show foot placement for easiest movement. To increase the difficulty of the move simply extend your legs out so your heels are on the floor.
Here's your starting position (first, extend the straps so that when your arms are locked out as shown below your back is off the floor). 



And this is your finishing position.


BONUS #1 In descending order these also work your abs, glutes, hamstrings, shoulders and biceps. Yep, it's nearly a full body workout which will induce some heavy breathing for added cardio benefits by working all those muscles together. 
BONUS #2 Your handshakes will become a thing of legend with your newfound grip strength. 
THE TAKEAWAY? The benefits you'll reap from this amazing inverted low row back exercise are great and many and it should be a foundation of everyone's workout routine. Just be careful with all that power.
You can do multiple sets with this one exercise to build muscle and strength or incorporate it into a multiple move workout you're already doing to add something new! Go get creative and tell me how YOU use it in the comments below.



Fitness fuels more life,




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