Fitness Beats Weight Loss For Optimal Health - And It's Not Even Close!

Fitness Beats Weight Loss For Optimal Health - And It's Not Even Close!

Weighing less or being thinner doesn't mean you're healthy, being fit does! You would think people know this by now but people still simply don't think before blindly obeying Dr. Oz, Oprah and other hucksters peddling their diet, supplement and weigh loss schemes.

For your physical health (and even mentally and emotionally) nothing is more important than making sure you're fit and this is achieved only by workouts like HIIT cardio or interval training, weight lifting that builds muscle or anything that makes you breathe hard and/or sweat.

"Dieting" to simply lose weight or get thin doesn’t mean that you’re actually healthy, as in you have a strong heart and muscles or greater lung capacity and cardio conditioning, strong bones, better balance etc.


Fitness Trumps Dieting For Achieving Optimal Health

Being Fit Will Always Beat Any Diet When It Comes To Improving Your Health
The biggest mistake that so many people make when trying to improve their health is focusing on their diet instead of their fitness regimen. In fact, not only is this a mistake, but it could potentially be detrimental to your efforts. You see, our bodies are different – and that means that a diet that works for one person might not work for someone else. Being fit, on the other hand, is virtually down to a science. If your body is able to undergo physical activity without risk of injury, with the ability to exercise its full range of motion to perform a function, and with a strong cardiovascular system that supports your oxygen intake, it’s all but guaranteed that you’ll not only achieve your optimal level of health, but you’ll likely lose some pounds, shed some fat, slim down, tone up, and live your very best life.
Here at FreeFit, we’re firm believers that focusing on your fitness level will beat any diet when it comes to improving your health. Put it this way, there’s certainly no debate that dieting just doesn’t give people the results that they seek – sure, maybe you’ll lose some weight in the short term, but sustaining that weight loss in the long term is nearly impossible.
Even ask Time Magazine – “there’s no such thing as one perfect diet.” Truer words have never been spoken in the world of fitness. Diets fail because our bodies need fat – not only that, they crave it. In fact, when we shed fat like crazy due to a heavy and extremely restrictive diet, our bodies go into survival mode because they want that fat back. This means that you’ll start to see your diet fail slowly, but surely as your body fights to retain fat with every ounce of food you put into your body.
And for that very reason, being fit will always beat any diet. With that said, let’s take a look at the common criticisms of diets.
Diets Are Too Restrictive
One of the biggest complaints and criticisms when it comes to dieting is that most of today’s diets are simply too restrictive – think about it: there are low-carb diets, no sugar diets, low-fat diets, all-meat diets, all-veggie diets, the Mediterranean diet, the Paleo diet, and so on. There are hundreds of different diets out there, and each of them have their own – and quite specific – set of restrictions.
Remember, our bodies are designed to benefit from a balanced diet – not a restricted one. This is one of the most critical reasons for why so many diets fail. Remember, when we eliminate fat, our bodies crave it and they fight to gain it back. Diets might work at first, but sooner or later, your body will continue to retain whatever you’re trying to cut out.
Diets Are Too Complex
Following a diet isn’t exactly as easy as you might think – in fact, diets can be rather complex, complicated, time-consuming, and demanding. Some diets require multiple small meals per day, which can be tough to squeeze into a work day, while others require you to fast for a number of hours throughout the day, ultimately leaving your body craving nutrients and battling the mental cravings.
Why subject yourself to such a challenging experience when the results aren’t even guaranteed, sustainable, or really measurable after you’ve plateaued?
The Fitness Difference
You see, being fit and focusing on your fitness is more freeing than following a complex diet or a restrictive diet because it allows you to work hard on simply pushing it as hard as you can in your workouts, and then refueling your body with healthy foods that help it recover, develop, and grow.
Remember, our bodies crave physical activity just as much as they crave the nutrients found in our diets – and that’s often a problem with people who focus on dieting. Instead of exercising, building muscle, burning fat, and improving your cardiovascular health, they’re focused on portion sizes, calorie counting, and avoiding cravings like the plague – and when it comes down to it, that’s certainly not a healthy way to live.
When your body is able to engage in a strong, intense, muscle building and fat burning workout without risking injury, you’ll see greater health benefits than you would by eating three small meals a day on a restrictive diet. When your body utilizes its full range of motion in a workout, you’ll see greater health benefits than you would by counting calories. And when you build the strength of your cardiovascular system and fill your body with oxygen-rich blood, you’ll see greater health benefits than you would by eliminating carbohydrates from your diet.

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