Your Freefit Promise, Return Policy & Warranty

  •  🇺🇸 All Freefit products are 100% made in the U.S.A. using only the most durable high-quality materials for safe lasting performance and are individually tested before shipment to our valued customers.
  • We value your trust as your go to source for the fitness gear and knowledge you want and believe that you’ll be a happy satisfied customers using our products.
  • Unused Product Returns. If in the very unlikely event you want to return your Freefit Bodyweight Trainer you may do so as long as it is unused and you will be promptly issued a refund. We obviously cannot resell used products and therefore it must be unused in order to receive a refund.
  • Used Product Returns. Used Freefit Bodyweight Trainers are not returnable for refund but do fall under our 1-Year Limited Warranty if in the unlikely event that their is a defect in the product.
  • It is at Freefit’s sole discretion to inspect and determine whether a product has been used, has a defect caused in it’s production, has been subjected to misuse/abuse or has endured normal wear and tear. We will make decisions about recourse honestly, promptly, appropriately and always to err in favor of our valued customers.👍
  • Warranty. You have a 1-Year Limited Warranty on every new Freefit Bodyweight Trainer. The warranty does not cover issues resulting from accidents, neglect, misuse, modification or weather including but not limited to water or impact damage, cosmetic or surface damage, color variation, normal wear and tear, scratches, fading, abrasions or any similar occurrences consequential to ordinary use of the product and damage caused by shipping. Do not use your trainer as a towing device, do not swing on it or stand in the handles or use any part of it on abrasive or sharp surfaces that will degrade the materials causing them to fray or weaken which could lead to breakage or possible injury. Be safe and always use common sense in using for your trainer. If it gets wet dry it immediately and most importantly, don’t ever feed it after midnight👹