Exercise, and especially high-intensity interval training workouts, Tabata, burst-training, etc., are scientifically proven to help virtually all mankind truly look, feel and live better, healthier, happier.

And unlike bogus supplements, or pathetic fad diet plans this is not hype but truth proven by case study after case study.

Plus, and a big one, is that HIIT’s amazing benefits start to make their appearance on you pretty darn quick. It’s the closest thing to a fountain of youth there is and will simply help you live your life better.

The results? Here’s what a good HIIT workout routine can do for you.

#1 – Increase Your Human Growth Hormone Levels

For this #1 reason alone everybody should do this type interval training workout.

Human Growth Hormone (aka HGH on the streets) is produced during HIIT and it is the magic bullet for slowing the aging process, increasing your metabolism, building muscle, burning fat, getting great sleep, increasing bone density, and the list goes on for days.

This is powerful stuff. It’s what causes babies to grow an average of 10 in the first year out of the womb and continue to grow so rapidly throughout childhood.

However it starts to decrease pretty rapidly after about 25 and continues to at around 10-15% ever 10 years after.

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