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Freefit™ is simply where you will learn how to use one workout and one piece of gear to get fit at home, the office, the park, vacation, anywhere so you can break free from the diet, supplement and weight loss industries con artists and live your best every day!


– executive
– work-at-homer
– athlete
– pre/post pregnancy mom
– anyone, anywhere, listen ….

It is NOT your diet that has the greatest impact on your health and wellness – it is your fitness level, and you ONLY get this from vigorous physical activity – WORKOUTS! If you will understand this #1 truth it will free you and help you see the deception of the health and wellness marketers so you can do what actually works and achieve the body and health you want!


My Story

As a two sport Olympic trained athlete (track and field & sport of skeleton) I took the supplements,
drank the shakes and ate “clean and healthy” for years while training and that is precisely
what showed me that the diet, supplement and weight loss industry is a sham.

My workout for the U.S. Bobsled & Skeleton Team at Duke University. – Photo credit Raleigh News & Observer


Why? Because when I stopped formally competing in athletics I also stopped taking my expensive supplements, meal plan, diet recommendations and gym membership (which I already hated btw!). I simply ate normal, no “dieting” and continued my workout routine. Guess what happened? Nothing. No performance drops, no weight gain, no fatigue, no limbs fell off, nothing!

What did change however is that I got back my valuable time, money and sanity by not hassling with worthless supplements, diets and BS advice from the experts. And no more time draining hassle of driving to a filthy gym!


Don’t be fooled. Exercise trumps diet in nearly every meaningful area of mental and physical and emotional health.



Even real doctors and nutritionists have jumped on the bandwagon of peddling bogus diets and supplements for the money. Self-proclaimed health and wellness experts, bloggers, internet gurus are everywhere now, modern day snake oil salesmen promoting and selling refuse.


My Solution

From my Olympic training program I created the FF Bodyweight Trainer and the 5-2-Fit Workout to get and stay in amazing shape at home, the office, outdoors or anywhere else.  Then I created the Freefit blog you’re reading to help people find their way out of the diet and supplement industry circus tent. Yes, you can get fit, eat normal, lose weight and build a strong healthy body simply and successfully and avoid the hassles and high cost of gym memberships, “dieting”, supplements and scams from the “experts”.


I prove it every day! The Freefit system creates;


– a strong, resilient body
– instantly increases metabolism to burn fat now & later
– stops brain fog for better decision making
– boosts hormones
– builds lean strong muscle
– stops unnecessary food cravings
– strengthens bone, heart and lungs
– improves REM & deep sleep patterns
– curbs stress and depression for a bright outlook on life!

Start today by getting the gear, the workout and the inspo to live your best!